Monthly Archives: December 2013

Revival or Bust

Lancaster Circuit Rider flashback. WARNING: this may be rather unorganized! What a week! It was busy, exhausting and well worth the time and energy. That week I was so joyful and “drunk” in the spirit. falling up steps, having to have a friend hold me up on both sides. go, go, go from 9 am-10:30 pm. soooo good! God is good. We learned the simplicity of sharing the gospel, were spoken to regarding our original design, broke off fear, unbelief and passivity. ok, but There was one unbelief covered during the school that wow, we may not have even realized it in us, but I guess somehow it was there. anyways, It was the unbelief that God will use us women. God will use us women and the part I needed the most was that we will birth the next generation of wild eyed revivalists! I am holding oh so tightly to that promise.

Sharing the Gospel is so simple, like really, how hard once we break past fear of man is it to Just tell people that Jesus loves them? It is the best news in the world, we should be excited about it, I have heard it put that the cross is like a proposal to be married to us. When that special someone asks you to spend eternity with them you don’t keep it to yourself, so why the heck are we keeping the news that Jesus loves us and died to be with us forever a secret?

Sin is Sin! that’s that, hallelujah! ok, so to the average brain that is probably weird, why all the celebration over sin? will it’s not celebrating the sin, it’s celebration that we know what to do with it, we know what to do with sin, we repent, we receive God’s forgiveness, we rebuke the devil’s stronghold over that area of our life, and we replace the enemies lies with God’s truth. Fear is sin, unbelief is sin, God told us not to fear, therefor when we are afraid and don’t believe for example that Jesus really can heal, we are dealing with sin, and we can joyfully repent of it now, that is exciting!

Repentance is Joyful! Think about it this way, you have been carrying stone slabs for miles and miles. do you enjoy carrying this burden? most likely not, well that’s kinda what sin is, we have account of everything wrong we have ever done etched in these stones, we have been lugging them with us everywhere we go, its a stone slab, it cant be erased, or can it??? Wouldn’t you love to ditch those stone slabs, let alone, they can be erased! well Jesus does it! now that is something worth being Joyful about and celebrating!!!!

Simple obedience, how hard is it to follow directions one at a time… That one thing God asks of us, that we obey, God has commanded us to love, every day, every step, every minute, live in, walk in, speak in LOVE. being obedient really means just living in love all the time. live a life in prayer and God will tell you what to do, more often than not he is just telling us to go love people, it may involve praying over them or just for them if they reject him, but it really comes down to the simple act of being obedient to loving the world around us.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: when we are being obedient and even if people reject and don’t believe the gospel or want you to pray with them, they are rejecting GOD, not you, it takes fear of man out of the equation when you get that. The fear of what others think of you doesn’t matter, You are presenting Jesus to them, so if they don’t like “you” its really that they have a problem with Jesus… he can deal with that on his own, you did what you were told, you planted the seed and God will bless you for your obedience.