Monthly Archives: September 2014

five minute Friday: whisper

chaos all around, how could you possibly hear another thing, you feel you can’t take any more. You feel so unqualified for this job, yet your still there, you were chosen above the others, but sometimes its hard to know why. Then even through all the noise, you hear a whisper, everything will be okay, I didn’t choose you to be here because you are qualified, I am qualifying you because this is where I have called you. and he whispers 1 Corinthians, For I have chose what is weak, what is foolish, what is despised in the world… You may not be qualified like others, but all the better for me to show MY strength. Keep asking me and I will give it to you. And everyday, he shows me and whispers to me to tell me that this is exactly where he has called me and where I am to be, sometimes he even whispers through a cup of coffee. 


5 minute Friday (or tuesday): Reach



Little arms reaching up wanting to be held so tight and loved so much. On the first day of school they reach, still, week two they reach. I love them so much, I want them to reach for Jesus so much, reach for the stars, reach to all the potential God has put in them. 

Reach little one, stretch as high as you possibly can, God will lift you the rest of the day. There is so much in you, I know it! Don’t let the world tell you what you can and cannot do. the world around you says that sometimes all there is to life is sitting on your porch, all there is to life is sex, money and drugs. But God wants to tell you there is more, HE is more, Reach for Him and he will pour out his love on you. Oh Little ones, He wants to show you his love, that’s why I was chosen to be your teacher, He knows I can’t do it alone… I too have to reach for his love, patience and strength daily. Everyday lets reach for more together, let us never forget we need him.