Monthly Archives: February 2016

Things are NOT okay

The Lord has been putting Israel on my heart lately, tonight just did me in. I was sitting with friends watching the Super Bowl, but something wasn’t right… there is nothing wrong with watching the game. But how can I possibly sit and watch the game when I know what is happening in San Fran, men, women, children being sold and prostituted to many game watchers. I just had to get up and go pray. But you may be asking what does Israel have to do with sex trafficking and prostitution? the answer is everything, Israel has everything to do with solving world hunger, persecution, poverty. You see, things are not okay, they are not going to be okay until Jesus returns. Yes, there breakthrough and freedom found for some before He returns, but when Jesus returns, when my beloved comes for his bride the Church then things will finally be ok, every tear will be wiped, there will be no sorrow, no mourning, no pain, no death (Revelation 21:4)

2 years ago I did an internship at Gateway House of Prayer and we could not watch TV, so a group of us interns and a few others had led an intersession set on the night of the super bowl. That was my first time prayer leading, but it was powerful, things moved, things move when we pray, when we worship, when we petition heaven. I believe that was my first set with that worship leader, we then had a set for a while on Monday nights following the internship and we had interceded for Israel, and you can learn a lot by praying. Jesus won’t return until his people, the Jewish people, the original bloodline and inheritance believes that He is the Messiah, until they receive the Land promised to them by the Lord. So why does so much of the American church neglect to pray for Israel, Israel is the Key, the key to all the wrong things being made right.

So as I was driving home tonight, I just screamed, I cried, because things are not okay. And sometimes I feel like I can’t do anything about it… but I did, I cried out to the only one who can do anything about it,  I screamed out in a righteous anger, I prayed for freedom, I prayed for conviction for pimps and people buying, for truth to set captives free, for angelic protection. For Israel to come to believe Jesus is the Messiah, for them to get the land promised to them. They go hand in hand, Holy spirit reminded me of a song by Jon Thurlow as I was driving home, “Things are Not Okay”. So as you pray, pray for Jesus Return, pray for Israels hearts and eyes to be open to Jesus, the Messiah.