Monthly Archives: August 2016


God created us, no two of us alike. He knows the way we think, what makes us laugh and if we work better with spontaneity or with routine. So why do so many people live out of God’s design, and with people telling them they need to change. Now, this doesn’t always mean that we don’t need to change our thinking, because if it doesn’t match up to what The Father thinks of us and what His Word says, then yes, we need to change our thinking to line up with His Truth. But so long as it lines up with His Truth, He needs both logical, and creative thinkers in His Kingdom.

I was created to Thrive in routine, it doesn’t mean I can never spontaneously go out for coffee or book a party and send the invites for that night or then next night. It means that I need space for that. I was diagnosed with ADD in 5th grade, so my brain believe it or not actually does 15 different places in a minute. Which is why without routine it is so hard to organize my life and find time for everything I feel like I need to do and then I ware myself out because I can’t keep up with my brain. The best year of my life was when I was teaching. I got up and dressed, went to work, made tea or coffee, made sure everything was ready for the students when they got to school, prayed with the other teachers. Then the students would come, we had play time, circle time, bible then snack and recess. After Recess we had our other classes which subjects could change based on the day and having some part time students, then lunch and recess, after that was rest time, and when they woke up they we would play with play dough, then have gym or another fun lesson. and then it would be time to go home. That was the best year for me, was there room for spontaneity within my work, absolutely! and best of all I had children to love, it was hard work, but it was ever so rewarding.

So why have I been dealing on and off with depression for the past year? Because I have not been living the way God designed me to live. Food service with last minute constantly changing, never the same schedule, no passion right in front of me was not what I was created for. God gave me a mother heart, so give me a kid in front of me and watch me come alive, one of the best summers I had, oddly enough, I didn’t have a steady job, It was a summer when I was babysitting and the moms schedule could be kind of spontaneous, she would call or text and say I need a babysitter today and I would be there in 20 minutes. I would play with the kids, I would cook, come up with fun games, we made water slides, played with water balloons and we had a blast! I thrive with passion, and consistency, both things I have been lacking and I’m ready for a change, when I work a job without consistency and I’m really not passionate about food service, and in no order things are being shouted i need this i need that, I have to stop my task and it takes forever to remember what I was working on before I put those pot pies in the oven. I was made to thrive, but I’m just surviving. But I’m done, I’m done doing what people say, that I just have to adjust to my food service schedule and always be available, its killing me. I’m done being the puppet in everyone else’ lives, I’m going to live in God’s design and I’m going to thrive! Don’t believe me, JUST WATCH!